Charlie Sheen Biography

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6 Woman That Actually Dated/Married, Charlie Sheen I dunno how about you, but for me when someone even mentions Charlie Sheen my first association is sex, dissolute behavior, drugs & obsessive drinking. Even though he is actually a brilliant actor, he has gone from acting in worldwide famous series “Two and a Half Men”, as well as the movie “Wall Street”. Such a shame! Although, we all know that he is far than able to rebound by getting another show, but his personal life will remain rocky. As you may know, Charlie Sheen has dated many celebrity beauties as well as adult film actresses. The vast number of his relationships ended violently and these facts were very interesting to media which made hundreds of headlines. He’s been married…show more content…
Brooke Mueller The third and the last (so far) wife of this highly problematic actor. Brooke is an actress, best-known for movies like “Strictly Sexual” and “Witchhouse”. The two sweethearts got married two got married in spring 2008 and had twin sons, Bob, and Max. According to the actress, Charlie once again became violent. So, Sheen got arrested in 2009 and was declared guilty with second-degree assault, criminal mischief and threatening. Then Mueller tried to get a temporary restraining order against him, but it was rejected. Although they got divorced in May 2011, it wasn’t the end of their drama. Mueller lost custody of their two sons after she was put on a psychiatric hold after a drug overdose in 2013! And, surprisingly, Denise Richards was declared the twins’ guardian until custody was granted back to Mueller in 2014 after 20 stays in rehab. What a drama! 6. Bree Olson She has been yet another adult movie actress from the Charlie’s “goddesses” stage :-P ! She actually lived with shortly after his divorce with his third wife, Brooke. When the news came out claiming Charlie was HIV positive, Bree claimed that she actually no had a clue about that. She even goes that far accusing him of deliberately hiding that from her claiming to have left the porn industry for him and had unprotected sex with him. No regrets sweetie, they don’t work! You should be more careful and much
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