Descriptive Essay About Christmas

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Christmas is approaching and Stradden, a small village in the west of Germany, has a gold medal in all things Christmas. Every house is illuminated by hundreds of tiny fairy lights, that gleam as bright as sunshine after a winter storm. The snow is icing sugar as it falls gracefully and coats the streets, trees and rooftops with a sweet thin layer of joy. As people walk through the village centre, they instantly feel a surge of Christmas cheer rush through their bodies, sending their spirits sky high. Beaming with glee, the wreaths that hang on every wooden door in the village cheer excitedly at every person who walks past. Even adults find it impossible to pass the toy shop without bursting through the doors, embracing their inner child and entering the magic. The toy shop is just so enchanting: little model trains that chug-a-chug around the banisters carrying tiny men and women dressed in miniature hats and gloves, gorgeous china dolls with braided golden hair, dazzling eyes and rosy cheeks, an enormous army of wooden toys consisting of nutcrackers, embellished with intricate designs; dark oak ballerinas, and music boxes that sing ‘Frere Jacques’ all day, every day. Delighted, ecstatic, laughing children sledge down hills at Olympic speeds. Turning and twisting; dogging and diving, until even their sledges shriek in pain and plead that they stop. Everybody is collecting massive snowballs and stacking them high, there are snowy stacks everywhere waiting patiently to

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