Descriptive Essay About Coconut Water

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My neighborhood Walmart was having a sale on many of their beauty products and cosmetics. Which gave me the opportunity to pick up a bottle of Dial Coconut Water Refreshing Mango Hydrating Body Wash. In the past I have been eyeballing Dial and their line of body washes but never really bring myself to buy them. But particularly this time around, their body wash with coconut water and mango is the one that had caught my attention. I don’t know why, but I do have this coconut and mango obsession that extends from the actual coconut and mango fruits to the cosmetic products. I do know of the hydrating properties of young coconut water to provide hydration to the body when you consume it. By providing electrolytes and potassium. Dial Coconut Water Refreshing mango Hydrating Body Wash says to be an advanced moisture attracting formula and provide long lasing, light weight hydration.I brought this body wash mainly for the claimed moisture properties but for more so for the rich delicious fragrance of coconut mango. When I took a whiff of this body wash, I had an eye roll back moment. The coconut note of this fragrance is so rich and luscious. In my opinion it doesn’t smell fake and it doesn’t smell overdone either. I have smelled so many different versions of coconut fragrances that I have to prepare my nose and stomach. If you don’t get an overly sweet scent you get this faintly scented knock off that just makes my stomach roll. But not with this body wash. Then once I get over

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