Descriptive Essay About Dagupan City

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One does not simply talk about the Philippines without discussing its picturesque sceneries and enjoyable delicacies. Moreover, planning an itinerary when visiting the Philippines can be quite challenging because there are plenty of places to visit. Boracay and Puerto Princesa are the two most prominent tourist spots that will come into a tourist 's mind. However, there is also city from the north that can contest this fame of being a top tourist spot. Proud of its milkfish production and rich agriculture, Dagupan City is also beginning to gain attraction because of its local government 's decision to invest in the city 's natural and unharmed beauty.
Travelling to Dagupan will be time-consuming. It is far from most of the airports in the Philippines. However, it is relatively easy to find a bus en route to Dagupan since the country is notorious for its usual heavy traffic. Riding a bus from Metro Manila that is en route to Dagupan City will usually take at least five hours. One can still enjoy the grassy landscapes that line up the North Luzon Expressway to lessen
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After enjoying the river cruise, one can now proceed to enjoy eating some of the favorite delicacies in the city. Almost all of the restaurants in Dagupan offer milkfish delicacies which would make anyone drool in excitement of devouring the oily fish meat. If you are already done with milkfish dishes, why not try the pigar-pigar? This dish is filled with an umami aroma and has a meaty flavor, is mixed with onions, and is served on a hot plate (Tantengco). They can be found along the streets of Galvan and Gomez inside the city. This snack is great when you a have a circle of friends with you to eat with. The strong, tangy, sweetness of the onion mixed with the umami flavor of the thin slices of tender carabao beef give off a powerful and an unexpected flavor that will surprise the taste buds of the person eating it. These characteristics of the dish make the delicacy a great partner of alcoholic

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