Dan Boko Analysis

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Disclaimer: Please, if you a literal 'Dan Boko ', have some patience (not Dame Faka, to be specific) to read on before cursing me and/or demeaning my humanity to vanity. At least, hear me out then you can decide what to do with me.

They say 'give honour to whom it 's due ', right? Okay. Opening salutation: A Dan Boko, my learned fellow. An erudite chap. Intelligent, always. Smart, that is. He 's perfect. No words can do justice. Really, I envy him for having so much to his character; he 's simply awesome, perhaps from Mars. You know, when you say Dan Boko, one thing comes to mind: formal education. We define Dan Boko as someone who went, or goes, to a formal/contemporary/modern/Western school. In some cases, a secondary school student or graduate is a Dan Boko. In other, only he who went, or goes, to higher institutions can be called a Dan Boko. Well, that 's how we together defined it, but I had to take another route to [re]define Dan Boko based on experience. I apologize if you find this stereotypical. It 's never been my intention to stereotype anyone.

A Dan Boko (notice my usage of the indefinite article 'a ') pisses me off everyday to the extent that I now feel like "I have to vent my anger"— and, no, I am not angry. I don 't
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They are nothing beyond their unhygienic, unkempt, disgusting and unintelligent beings. He doesn 't have to remember how they helped humanity when there was no (modern) science and/or technology. No, he doesn 't have to think about their efforts in finding cures to different diseases when no one was. Why should a Dan Boko, in his grand self, champion some useless herbalists because they were the key propellers of medicinal science which he so uses and cherishes? No, that 'd be unlike a Dan Boko who went/goes through rigorous academic journey eschewing elegance all around. A Dan Boko is always right, of
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