Descriptive Essay About Dance At School

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“Two sets of 3 plie`s and 4 tondus,” “Five six seven eight,” can be heard from my dance teacher on a typical Monday night in advanced ballet. I’m out of breath, nauseous and sweating up a storm, but continue to run for my water to pour the icy cold liquid down my scratchy throat after an intense ballet-conditioning class. The clock ticks and before I know it four hours of dance passes by. If I’m not at school, I can most likely be found at my dance studio, Spotlight Dance Academy. Some people assume that I have been dancing here my whole life because of my connection to the girls and my improvement over the years, but truthfully I started dancing at Spotlight when I was in fifth grade. A good friend of mine from school, Alexa, had always talked to me about how much she loved this studio and how great the people were there. I had danced when I was younger but left the sport to plays soccer for several years. Dance was always within me, and it finally came to the point that I knew I wanted to continue to do what I previously had loved. I decided to go to the fall open house and check out the dance studio. My heart was pounding and butterflies flurried in my stomach but I was excited for a new opportunity. My mother and I pulled up in front of the dance studio, the sun was sweltering and giving off bright rays while the wind was whistling and blowing the potted flowers. I knew this was a good sign and my nerves immediately drifted away. I met the director who showed me
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