Descriptive Essay About Dance

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Tonight was the night, and everyone’s time to shine, especially mine. Tonight was the Jupiter High School dance at a nearby dance club, located on the planet and it was called “Zero Gravity”. Every single person from our school was going to be there, and it’s always the time for everyone to look their best and dance the night away. Everyone always has a great time at these dances and we all enjoy ourselves with dancing and being with friends, and I was hoping that this dance would be better than ever.

“I’m so excited for tonight!” I said as I put my dark green eyeshadow on in front of the mirror. “Well I hope you have a great time and that your safe, and also remember that attitude is everything so be nice to everyone” my mother said as she put hairspray on the last curl that she did in my hair. “ I will Mom” I told her as I got up to give her a hug. “You should probably go put your dress on, were going to have to leave soon” my mother said. I cleaned up everything that I had got out to get ready for the dance, then I walked to my room to get the dress out of the closet, that seemed like it had been in there for months. I untwisted the bag and took out the flowing, puffy, dark green dress. I put the dress on, took a look at myself one last time in my full-length mirror, then I grabbed my new sliver heels and shut the door.
“You look great, Danielle!” both my mom and dad said as I came down the stairs. They took some pictures of me and some with the two of them, then

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