Descriptive Essay About Desserts

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Hello, come on in to the Schaul family kitchen. In our kitchen, you will get to smell and taste the variety of desserts that compare to my five essays written in College Composition I. Some of the desserts may be more tasteful than others, but all of them show my hardwork and effort I put into each essay. My first essay, the autobiographical paper, reminds me of puppy chow. When we were working on this essay we were told to think of our passion; this compares to the chocolate, peanut butter, powder sugar crunch of chex mix. I automatically knew what my passion was. This was going to be an easy essay for me to write, since I am so passionate about helping others, just as the puppy chow helps others with their chocolate cravings. Puppy chow…show more content…
When thinking of what to write and be really descriptive about, I automatically thought of summer. S’mores are the ultimate summer dessert. It was easy for me to write about being out on the dock soaking up the summer sun, just as if I was roasting a marshmallow. The smell of a s'more roasting over a fire drags people in to want to eat one, and with my descriptive word use this drags people in to read my paper. My descriptive paper was another easy paper to write for me, because it was easy for me to picture everything in my head and get it down in…show more content…
When we were told this was going to be a paper with a partner I knew I wanted to write with Meghan, because we both have different places in the wrestling family. We had no trouble writing our own parts of the paper they mixed like oreos and cool whip. Not everyone notices us cheerleaders or stat girls all the time just like the milk that is put into the oreo fluff. Milk is a part of making oreo fluff? Exactly. Furthermore everyone I know loves oreo fluff, which is similar to everyone I know loves being in the wrestling family. My process paper was one of the quickest to write kind of like how quick oreo fluff is to

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