Descriptive Essay About Dubai

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Dubai is the city of life which emerged from the vast Arabian Desert and lives within the seven emirates of the UAE. It has been ruled by the Al Maktoum family since 1833. Among many places in the world where you can relive the past, Dubai is certainly the place to visit as it values its traditions and heritage. No city in the world 's modern history has caused so much curiosity as Dubai. It has one of the best transportation systems in the world with two main international airports at the heart of the city and a metro which travels seventy five kilometers around the city connecting it all together. Dubai is the city that never sleeps. The city that knows anything is possible. The city that reflects the foundation of its past onto its bright approaching future. Dubai is not an option but a must visited destination. Go!
The Living Wonder of Dubai
Dubai is one of the fastest growing destinations on the global tourist map. In less than thirty years, this city has transferred itself from a dry desert into a breathtaking paradise. It is home to the world 's most fascinating buildings including the world 's tallest, man-made, free-standing skyscraper. Burj Khalifa stands at the center of downtown Dubai. Would you imagine yourself standing four hundred and forty two meters above ground? Burj Khalifa offers you an extraordinary adventure to the highest outdoor observation deck in the world. Experience the thrill of the world 's fastest and tallest service elevator which is situated

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