Dubai Sightseeing Essay

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Dubai Sightseeing: Not To Miss Experiences for Any Traveller

The United Arab Emirates is famous for many things and the popularly known for the tall tower, man-made islands, modern architecture, luxury lifestyle, and shopping is the city of Dubai. On one side if you have the glittering wonderful city then on the other side dessert to explore during your vacation. In fact, Dubai is the hot spot for all the travellers and back packers for the iconic skylines, revolutionary hotels which are transformed to magnificent and lavished spot for luxury to make the journey luxurious and night life.

It is also famous for wonderful cuisine like kebabs, biryani, cardamom coffee served in many restaurants and hotels as a welcome drink & luqaimat.

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In-flight Tours:
When you are confused what to do in Dubai then throw your confusion and try In-flight tours and experience the flamboyant view from the top being in the air. There are multiple options where you can explore the city and its beauty being mid air in Sea plane tour for exploring the attraction of city, Hot Air balloon experiencing the overnight safari & sunrise hot air tour while you also enjoy the dessert wildlife in the dessert, Helicopter flight tour taking aerial tour with a great views of Bruj Khalifa and other tall towers.

Fine dining & Aromatic

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