Descriptive Essay About Fear Of Water

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I'm moving gently forward, over the wild and beautiful, unexplored world below me. I'm floating in silence, and breaking it up with the sound of my breath. Above me, there’s nothing but shimmery light, the place where I've come from, and will go back to when I am done here. I'm going deeper past the wrinkled rocks and dark seaweed, toward a deep blueness where a school of silver fish wait. As I swim through the water, bubbles burst from me, wobbling like little jellyfish as they rise. I would have never experienced such wonders if I didn't let go of my fear. All these years, all the photos and all the stories that my friends have told me have come true. Shimmering scaled creatures swim past me in the search of something. Each having a different direction to go to. I saw luminous corals, languorous turtles silhouetted in the deep blue of the ocean and hundreds of tropical fish. But that's when it all began… 12 minutes in the dive session, the sound of my breathing was drowned out…show more content…
I had a fear of water since I was a child, but somehow managed to take a risk and dive. You know the feeling of being underwater? The bone-crushing pressure of gallons of water envelops every inch of your body and sinks into your lungs, your brain, your heart. While you remain remarkably void of feeling, the fullness of defeat dominates your mind until all that is left inside you are the remnants of the sea’s terrors. Underwater, there are no sounds from the outside world - no cries from those you have wronged, no professions of love hidden inside for too long, no vicious words flung ruthlessly at your feet from the glares of passing strangers. Underwater, you are alone with merely your thoughts amplified to their fullest extent that merge with the water and envelop you in the loudest of noises. The noise that cries an unwelcome truth - that death is imminent and the only escape is facing the world above. That was what scared me the most about the

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