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Fishing I have always loved fishing since the first time I was on the water, It is a fun sport that I think everyone should try. Fishing is amazing in so many ways sometimes the coolest thing about fishing is having that awesome fight and experiencing the action of feeling the fish tug down on the line as you trying to get it up into the boat. I hope to take fishing to the next level and go to college to be on the fishing league. There is a lot of different things about fishing like the kinds a bait like top water bait you can bottom fish which is usually the best technique for catfish. There are a couple key things you need to know when you are fishing One is that you need to be good at setting the hook, you will start to feel some tug then when the fish attacks you bait you want to yank up and set the hook catfish are usually the easiest because they attack it very hard. Another key element is knowing what kind of bait to use at what time, you can never be sure but you go whether it’s cold you might fish at the bottom or if it is morning use a top water when there feeding. There are also different kinds of pools you might want to wear use a flimsier pool if you are fishing for bluegill or crappie or a bigger thicker pool for catfish. Fly fishing is another way to fish where you have a…show more content…
A closed face is about the easiest then it is an open face then a bait caster is the hardest. They a pole each one has a different purpose a closed face is really hard to get tangled and a open face you can get tangled easy and it is the same with a baitcaster. It is also good to know the laws about fishing and you do have to buy a licence every year to go unless it is on private property. When you are fishing in a boat you should wear a life jacket and don’t break the law if you are in a public

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