Descriptive Essay About Food

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‘What’s for dinner?’ First question Mr asks when he returns from office. No niceties, no sweet gestures - just straight to the point. Well, you must have guessed, Mr is a big time foodie. And, so am I. We have gone to great lengths to eat what we want - once we drove in a snow storm to eat Choley Bhature. We battled through slippery roads and winds gusting to 35 miles an hour. Our dedication to food and food fixes have created a lot of mess and food fights - snatching the last bite of pizza, emotional blackmail over late night ice-cream are rather common between us.

Our arduous journeys to food have resulted in many adventure too, but our latest food adventure was simply out of the world country. Why country? Just read on…

So, Mr love eating Mcdonald’s french fries. Why not? It is crispy, yummy and when the weather is great, those piping hot delicacies are heavenly. So, few weeks back when we were vacating in Thousand Islands region in upstate New York, perfect weather and gorgeous scenery whetted his ‘French Fries’ appetite. He parked the car and typed Mcdonald’s in the GPS. It was sunny and I couldn’t see the GPS screen from where I was sitting. ‘It’s 5 miles from here,’ he said and starting driving. It was a pleasant drive, even I was thinking of getting a Frappuccino for myself.

We drove up a beautiful bridge and after driving for some 3 miles, we saw a check post. ‘What’s up there?’ I asked. ‘Let’s see’ and he drove thinking it was some sort of police checking for

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