Descriptive Essay About Food Street

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The food street is one of most vibrant and active place of the city. As the night arrives so does the masses turning it into a lively place. Young and the old, fill the space with laughter and joy. Fairy lights above the streets seem like a starry sky, mesmerizing all the pedestrian passing by. At the entrance to the food street, the florist shop captures one’s attention with the captivating fragrance of the exotic flowers. Colorful chairs on the sides of the street become the resting spots for people to enjoy the food and liveness of the street. Various kind of food stalls adds to the rich character of the market making it diverse and inviting to the people from all sort of background. The presence of aromatic spice shops is one also of the main attraction for the people. Adding to it, the stalls and eatery’s excellent customer service make people their regulars. The mouthwatering smell of cooking food act like a magnet to the taste buds and the tantalizing taste of dishes makes people hungry for more. Local bands playing the musical instrument make this place magical. The entire atmosphere is as jolly as a carnival. Moreover, the economical prices of the food items make it filled with people. Overall the food street is a cheerful place.
The disappointing Food street
The food street is one of most lifeless and unsettling place of the city. As the night arrives, everyone leaves turning it into a ghostly place. Space seems as lifeless as a cemetery. The Young and the old,

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