Descriptive Essay About Friendship

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A friendship is like a warm blanket, it’s soft and at times it’s exactly what you need to feel better. Here is how I came to that conclusion. It all started at 5 years old, I was in kindergarten. Stranded in a gigantic gloomy classroom that my mother left me prisoner too. The bright lime green room with a lingering smell of Play-Doh was filled with rambunctious and obnoxious kids. To pass the time from recess until lunch I sat down in the only place with Sade i could find, a sandbox under a big oak. I read my favorite books at the time “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish” by Dr.Seuss. Out of the blue an inky shadow casts upon my book and makes the lettering dark and somehow this shadow smelled like flowers. I look up to see what was blocking my light and I realize that there is a chocolate brown haired girl with skin so tan anyone could think she went to the beach everyday. She had a bright pink scrunchie that picked up her curly hair away from her face and up into a ponytail. “What’s the matter with you? You are blocking my lighting and I am not able to read this book.” I uttered. “Why are you reading? It’s such a beautiful day. You should be running around.” She exclaimed. “ Hey what’s your name anyways?” I replied. “ My name is Hazel what’s yours?” “ My name is Dani. It is a beautiful day. Want to play hopscotch?” Hazel and I got to know each other and after that we would hang out in recess and run around the playground and I would encourage her to read with me.

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