An Essay About The Day I Met My Best Friend

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Well I guess I can start on how we met, me and you Hugo. It all began when we came back to school in Chemistry class my tenth grade year. Our teacher had made the whole class play the name game. Where you 'd say your name and say any food that started with the beginning letter of your name. I still remember when I got to your name, I saw you look at me and smile. I just thought to myself “He 's thirsty.¨ But little did I know that I was about to meet my bestfriend. One day my friend Star and I were walking to lunch and I bet her to smack your ass. Me thinking she wouldn 't do it, shockingly she did and ran off leaving me alone. You came up to me and asked me if I had told her to do it and I just laughed and replied with a “no.” After that we became closer with a span of a weeks, to where we always sat together, laugh, joke around and we never got mad at eachother. Even if we insulted each other and had rough times we couldn 't stay mad we 'd just laugh afterwards. I never understood how it was to have a bestfriend this was all new to me. So i didn 't know what I was supposed to do at times. I know I wasn 't the “best”…show more content…
I was going through a tough time in life at that point. So to finally meet someone you can actually talk to about anything, just connect to. The only person you tough cared about you. Even your dad didn 't care enough to stay in your life. I 've endured so much pain in my lifespan i 'm surprised, didn 't imagine I could suffer so much at a young age. But you only saw a tiny part of that. Hugo there isn 't words in this world that could explain how you made me suffer. I just wanted you to get a glimpse of that I go through and don 't think i hate you, I just hated the way you treated me. Even after all this I somehow still care for you. You were so important to me but it got down to that phrase, you only thought about yourself. So you threw it all away just because she said ¨I don 't want you to be friends
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