Descriptive Essay About Gatorland

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Orlando is one of the most tourist city in the world, providing multiple disney theme parks. One attraction that this paper will be talking about Gatorland which is a unique and thrilling place to be and see. The BoatHouse is a delicious and different type of restaurant that sits on an ocean side dock. The World Quest Resort is a luxurious and well put together hotel that makes you feel like your in the mediterranean,because that 's the theme of the hotel. Orlando, Florida is one of the most populated city and an entertaining place to be in.
The World Quest Resort is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy all sorts of indoor and outdoor activities. Visitors will undoubtedly enjoy the price of the hotel fo “128-89 dollars for 3 bedroom; or a 39 dollar fee, and 15 dollar night resort fee (D).” That price may sound reasonable but it’s really good for its price and the look of the hotel not just on the outside but the inside too. The Hotel looks so luxurious visitors will be stunned by its look, according to its ratings it says “Its a richly facility that looks and feels like a luxurious condo (A).” When visiting Orlando, you can stay at the World Quest Resort and when you arrive the pool and relaxation will be waiting for you.
The BoatHouse Restaurant is an excellent place to eat and take your mind off of a long day. This restaurant isn’t any ordinary restaurant it has three different bars and serves steak, seafood,chops and a variety selection at one of the bars, which include

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