Personal Narrative: My Home At My Great-Grandma's House

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1, 2, 3, Go! These were common words said during golf cart rides at my great-grandma’s house. My great-grandma, Joan, better known by her great-grandchildren as Meemaw, always had a golf cart at her house. We drove all over her land, in the field behind her house as well as on the road. I probably could count the times I drove as my first driving lessons on this golf cart. Recently, the house and golf cart were sold because Meemaw had to move into an assisted living facility. I will always remember the days where we got to go to Meemaw’s house Meemaw had around an acre of land that was decorated with what seemed like a billion trees. Behind her house there was a patch of land before a field where Meemaw had taken her lawn mower and made trails where the golf cart could go and add to the riding experience. The trails were named after her great-grandkids, mine was named Kailyn’s Trail. Behind the trails was an open field that we often traveled or looked for deer. While we never saw many deer, we…show more content…
We would go through the trails and the field and played a bunch of little games. One of the games was called “1, 2, 3, Go”. We would start in the yard about 100 yards away from the road, Meemaw would then say 1, 2, 3, Go and press on the gas as hard as she could. We would stop about 15 feet from the road then turn around and do it again. The rush of adrenaline I got was like a first roller coaster ride. Another one of our games was called “Bus Rides”. I usually played the busdriver and drove the golf cart while my siblings played students who were waiting for the bus. I would then go pick up my siblings where they were standing and take them to the driveway where they would go in the house and get water bottles out of the fridge and then come out to be taken “home”. While all of the games were fun I have to say driving the cart on the road was always the best
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