Essay On How To Play Golf

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Golf is a sport wherein the objective of the game is to get a ball into a hole in the fewest strokes or moves possible. A game of golf usually is made up by eighteen holes. In order to get the ball into a hole, you need to hit it with a golf club. The hole can be really near or far away. That is why there are many different ways to hit the golf ball. There are also different clubs that you can hit the ball with depending on how hard you want to hit it or at what angle or strength. Every stroke that a player makes is different which is what makes the game very challenging. There is a lot of rules in playing golf and even times when you can’t hit the ball anymore because of the area where it landed in or if it get
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To train for speed a lot of running is require in as small time as possible.

According to B.W. Craig, agility is being able to change the direction without changing the speed, balance, and control. This is useful when the game changes and you have to react right away. This is hard to practice in training if you already know how next move will go. (Craig, 2004). The timing and the rhythm of the body are an important part in having good agility.

Quickness is the acceleration that the body can handle. It is the body’s shift from static to motion and how fast that happens. Training for quickness if repeating those movements or changes from static to motion and seeing how fast they can be. (

Aerobic/Anaerobic Training The ideal aerobics exercise for golf is simple walking because that’s what the player are required to do when they are playing the game. They do a lot of walking getting from one area to another in a golf course. Aerobics also helps in developing a player’s endurance and ability to use their joints and bones especially when making the right form in swinging the club and hitting the ball.
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