Descriptive Essay About Grandparents

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My whole life since I can remember I’ve always been told stories about how horrible of a life my grandparents had as they grew up, and how much of a better life that I have had than they have had when they were born all the way up until they were eighteen years old. They both have overcome obstacles that I would never dream of going through; I am really blessed that my childhood has been so magnificent compared to theirs. Both my grandparents have had such a rough life that it does make my heart go out to them especially my grandmother. This makes me want to tell people about it because there are some people out there that have gone through what both of them have gone through and it makes me so proud to call them my grandparents because of the life they have given me. Both my grandparents have had so many struggles not just in childhood but in adulthood as well and I’m grateful they have changed and they love God and that they want a different life than what they were given growing up and that they try to make things so amazing for me and my siblings, this is why I admire them so much. My grandparents have had a horrible life up until they were about in their thirties; they both had horrible childhoods growing up, especially my grandmother. My grandfather basically grew up poor his father and his mother were great parents but they didn’t have much to go on. My grandmother on the other hand has endured so much pain in her life, for one she has suffered the loss of her own

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