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Think about the last time you had some really good guacamole. You may have had it at a Mexican restaurant, at a party, or even at your own house. In the 1900s, the US government lifted a ban on avocado imports, and ever since then guacamole has become increasingly popular. My family has been making our own guacamole for a number of years. We make it with a few simple ingredients that we learned to use from my grandma. At my house, I’ve become the go-to when we need guacamole for dinner, so I make it often, and it was actually one of the first things I learned to make when I was little. One of the more unfortunate things about guacamole is that it can be very expensive; however, if you make it yourself, it can be much cheaper. After you hear…show more content…
Now, onto the first step. Body First, you need to gather your ingredients. The most important ingredient is avocados. I had my mom buy these at Meijer, but you can purchase them in just about any grocery store. You want to make sure your avocados are ripe, but not too ripe. There is a happy medium. You can tell when they’re ripe if they’re semi-soft to the touch. Second is garlic. This is organic minced garlic in a jar. Using this reduces the amount of necessary prep work. Then you need salt. This is sea salt, and I would say that is definitely the prefered form of salt, but I suppose if you don’t have sea salt you can use table salt instead. Lastly, limes. There’s nothing really special about these; they’re just limes Next, you need to collect the proper materials and tools. You’ll need a large knife a few spoons a cutting board a large bowl and if you’re fancy enough, a juicer, like this one Take all of the ingredients and materials you have collected and arrange them in a way that is organized, and gives you space to work. I like to have the cutting board right here in front of

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