Narrative Essay: A Year In Gym

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Gym Summative Essay This year in gym I have had a wonderful experience meeting new people and playing many different sports. We played many different sports ranging from softball to rugby. Although there were some sports I did not excel in I grew to enjoy them through the development of my skills. I was able to see old friends and make new friends as well. I was able to participate with enjoyment in every sport and I almost never missed class. There were some activities more favorable than others, but I even the ones I did not like grew to be fun. Even though there were some people in our class who were a bit reckless and dirty I remained safe the entire time. This year I had a great semester being on time, having fun in all activities and…show more content…
Some of the sports I enjoyed were flag football, floor hockey and swimming. Lacrosse was one of the last sports we played, but I enjoyed it much more than other sports. Although lacrosse was quite difficult due to it being quite different than every other sport, I found it challenging and entertaining. I think that lacrosse was a very good team sport and it also required more skill than athleticism which is always challenging. Overall I think lacrosse was a very fun sport. Floor hockey is one of my favorites because I play ice hockey and floor hockey is a bit easier. Due to the fact that I play ice hockey was able to dominate and clearly be the best player in the gym. A sport that surprised me is soccer, I was never really good at soccer and never had fun with it. I never enjoyed playing soccer, but this year my view on soccer has changed. Although I was not an outstanding player I definitely improved my skills compared to previous years. I was able to become a decent soccer player who could barely dribble but pass decently. Before I used to hate soccer but now I don’t really mind playing it in gym class. What helped a lot was being around players who could help me and even encourage me. All in all I think that the activities I played in gym class were beneficial this

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