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One of the most beautiful places on earth to me is Hawaii. As the plane neared the island, My eyes felt like it didn’t know how to blink at that moment as I was awestruck by what my eyes witnessed. All i could see was the unending grains of golden sand, as if the whole island was made out of gold itself. Shimmering blue waters that sparkled in the presence of the sunlight encircled the island. Greenery spread out all around the island, with patches of different coloured flowers that grew In a distant.
When I stepped out of the hot, stuffy plane the sky began to glow as the flaming orb rose from the horizon and ignited the sky, causing it to burst into a bright, passionate mix of scarlet and yellow. The clouds had no place in the morning sky as the majestic sun reigned supreme. The colours of the sky blended perfectly with the colours of the scenery. Its ineffable beauty was like a masterpiece painted by Picasso that came to life, lying right in front of my eyes.
I felt nervous and excited for my long awaited holiday. Holding my beach bag in my hand and slipping sunglasses on with my other, I was in paradise. Over head I heard the screech of gulls and the chatter of the small fluffy sparrows. I couldn’t believe it! I was actually in Hawaii.

The Hawaiian
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After pulling my two purple suitcases off the conveyer belt, I made my way to the doors of Honolulu international airport, where I was picked up by some of my friends living there. We excitedly embraced each other and we started driving out of the airport and into the city, I started to see wondrous things. All the trees had bright pinkish-red flowers just bedecking each branch and if there weren’t any flowers, the trees were laden with mangoes, papayas, and star fruit. I couldn’t believe my eyes; Hawaii was just so gorgeous and vibrant. Everywhere I looked brilliant rich hues, every color of the rainbow leaped to my

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