Personal Narrative: Childhood Memories Of Heart Horse

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If only I knew then what I know now, you 'd still be in my barn. Not just my memories.
"A great horse will change your life. The truly special ones define it."
We 've all heard the term "heart horse." Some of us have had ours. Maybe she’s a fond memory from your childhood. Maybe she is tucked inside her stall, cozy in your backyard tonight. Maybe you haven 't met yours yet. I was born loving horses. From the time I was five years old, my happiest memories and proudest moments have been in the saddle. Over the course of my seventeen years of life. I 've had some great horses. I 've loved each one of them, they all taught me something and helped me grow as an equestrian and as a person. There are five names I will not forget; Rio, Ace, Buddy,
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A Hancock was, to say the least, an unusual choice of horse for someone with dreams of going to the big NRHA shows and being competitive. After time, and after having multiple people in my life push for me to sell her and buy a "real reining horse," I did just that. I sold her.
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The day she sold, I sat in my truck in the parking lot of Saginaw Valley Equine Hospital with my empty blue trailer and sobbed. My heart was broken, and I did buy that fancy reining horse, and she was magnificent. Her natural talent did far surpass my little Hancock. She had so much natural cadence, was a beautiful mover and stopper. But you know what? After six months with the fancy reining horse, I wasn 't enjoying her. I didn 't "click" with her. There wasn 't a bond like I believe a horse and her owner need to have to truly be successful. As a trainer, I ride between 2-4 horses daily owned by other people.
I love it. There is nothing else in the world I 'd rather do to pay my bills. But, when I finish working with the client owned horses, I must really WANT to ride my own. It must be something you enjoy doing otherwise it becomes a chore (and one that isn 't making you any money, just costing you money).

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