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Hong Kong, the city that delights everyone is known for its magnificent malls, serene beaches, breath taking mountains, noisy street and lots of exotic cuisine. It completely defines the modern city. The city has worked very hard to make it a number one tourist destination in the World. By focusing on their strengths in finance, manufacturing and general business acumen, people of Hong Kong has worked whole heartedly to become one of the richest cities in the world. The place attracts thousands of travellers worldwide to experience the vibrant life of Hong Kong. Whether someone wants to enjoy the dazzling skyline or indulge in its luxury shopping experiences. Hong Kong also has a funny side too. People from all corners of the world…show more content…
It features small but comfortable rooms. You can enjoy the magnificent views over Victoria Harbour, the convenience of the centralised location and the outdoor swimming pool which is perfect during the summers is one of the best things to offer at cheapest rates. The hotel is a local institution, run by the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong and pitched at budget business travellers who walk into Central every morning. If you book the hotel in advance, you can get some great deals and discounts on your staying.
Caritas Oswald Cheung International House
The hotel has more than hundred rooms. Each room has all the basic facilities. It is considered amongst the largest hotels in Hong Kong with an amazing off-the-beaten-track choice. The hotel has been opened in Hong Kong’s one of the oldest fishing villages, Tin Wan. You can find an interior which is a bit old fashioned but the rooms are very spacious and comfortable. The hotel offers great views over the South China Sea and Aberdeen. The beaches of the Southern district are within easy reach from the hotel. You can easily get public transport or taxis which can take you to the Central within 15 minutes.
Cosmo Hotel

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