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Everton hostel is the most appealing hostel I have ever stayed in. It is located near the famous Liverpool in the upper east. Everton hostel is also near Everton FC and Liverpool FC and is close enough to the city and this makes the experience even better. I am so in love with Everton hostel staff as they really know how to make you feel at home. This hostel is definitely a home away from home as you enjoy the movie areas and dining games. Safety is guaranteed and the accommodations costs are pocket friendly. Everton hostel is an awesome place to be as you also make new friends. Interacting with other travelers is key.
While at Everton hostel, you can enjoy biking and barbecuing and these help you unwind as you marvel at the Liverpool wonders. Other joys of staying at the Everton hostel are that you can access live music, tours, clubs and restaurants. The Liverpool air tours are another reason to choose Everton hostel as you get to view the lovely city from above. Not to mention the available cooking facilities that ensure delicacies are never in short supply. The free wifi and pc’s ensure that you are in touch with the world. Your luggage is safe as they have storage lockers in the rooms.
Top five things to do:
Everton Park Tour: During my stay at Everton hostel, I booked a tour to the Everton Park which is just close by. I had the time of my life as the park enables you to view the city from a vantage point. I could see River Mersey from this

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