Descriptive Essay About Karate

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My First Karate Class My Mind was still playing tricks on me when I thought about Karate and when I looked at the time, but I always knew that one day I am going to be good at karate even though it was my first time. It was Monday, everything was going normally until the clock struck 1:00, my friends called me and said “you are in karate class”, I suddenly jumped off of the couch and said Yes! I was so happy to be in Karate class it was one of my dreams to be in karate and it has come true. I wanted to run everywhere and tell everyone I was in karate. I asked my friend when is my karate class, and he answered “it’s today”, so be ready for it.My brother and sister were going to. My phone almost fell off from my hand because of my joy and I asked when, and he said “6:30 pm”, Then I asked him is there any way I could go to karate class now, and he laughed and said “no”. I asked him how can I be patient when my dream is coming true, and my friend told me to “try your best”, “You can figure out a way to not to be bored”, said my friend. So my plan was to watch TV until it was time to go, I watched my favorite show called the Odd Squad, Ready Jet Go, but I was still bored, I went outside to ride my bike with my watch, my mom even told me not to look at the time, but still my mind was fixed on my watch, After 30mim of boredness I went to the swing set next to my house to swing,but my eyes were still fixed on the watch so my mom took the watch from me and put it on top
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