Descriptive Essay About Lady Gaga

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Name of the person: Lady Gaga Lady Gaga whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta was born on March 28, 1986, in Yonkers, New York. She attended New York University's School for the arts but she left to find creative expression. (Lady Gaga, Her debut album, The Fame, was a huge success, and the single "Poker Face" topped charts in almost every category, in almost every country. Moreover, Lady Gaga has since earned liking for subsequent albums, including one with Tony Bennett, and her performance on the American Horror Story series. (Lady Gaga, hit singles from the albums are "Just Dance" and "Poker Face". In addition, “Poker Face” has gained a lot of fans and it has become the most popular song.…show more content…
In some period, she was called as “hermaphrodite” because of her crazy appearances. However, she denied that and she always felt like a woman. She was interested in Metal, rock’ n’ roll, pop and electronic music and one of her album was created based on these concepts. From the first day of publication of her album, she got very nice comments from her fans and by selling a million copies and in its first week, the album field has achieved great success. Also, I want to add that Gaga’s family life is a factor that affects her development. Her parents always supported her in all areas but mostly the loved one. For example, her parents encouraged her in order to take rolls of loved areas. However, because of the social network system, sometimes she labelled as strange and she wanted to be a model of strange for other singers. Growing up in a Catholic school, Gaga had very few friends. She dressed differently and got along better with men than with women. She said that all of this combined to make her feel like a freak. This lack of social support and her empathy with others with similar problems comes through in her music and performance. “(Lady Gaga, a psychological profile)”. In summary of her background information, she had some problems in her life and she demonstrates different personality types which I will mention in the flowing
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