Descriptive Essay About Laughter

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What is laughter? I know its a weird question but its one that I think about. We all laugh, but what does it mean? Are we happy? Are we happy at the moment or is laughing just a way to express who you really are.

I laugh a lot, i really do. There isnt a day where I dont go without having a smile or a laugh. I am a happy person and i enjoy laughing, I like being around friends that make me laugh. Whats the point in having boring friends? Life should be enjoyed to the fullest extent. People who dont laugh as much or dont have a sense of humor when I dont laugh because it brings my energy down.

I remember back in 7th grade, we were all sitting on a table at lunch. It was where we always sat and ate pizza that tasted like cardboard. It was the 5 of us, i really dont remember what caused us to laugh so much. I remember for laughing for 5 minutes straight, our stomach was begining to hurt from all the laughter. The lunch ladys were looking at us laughing away.

I dont remember the reason why we started to laugh, but im glad i remember the laughing part. I just remember laughing and not caring about what anybody is going to say. If i could got back to relive memories, i think this one is one I 'd like to come back too.That was one of the many happy times I have had and can remember. Friends who laugh at everything with you are the the type of friends we should all have.

A few days ago, my friends and I went to wendys after school because it was burning hot and we wanted a
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