Essay On Liberty City

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Welcome to Liberty City Welcome to the city of opportunities! (not since 2007),where they can find the opportunities and hopes they read in some cheap magazine after buying a hot dog was possibly done with rat meat. Oh my! I still do not show up, I´m Paul, if of insurance are wondering what happened to the other guide. Because he died of natural causes by a shoot in the head, do not be surprised, die owing money to gangsters is a natural in this city as having a heart attack for our hamburgers by fast food chains. Pay attention, if you look to your right you will see the amusement park Firefly Island, unfortunately the park no longer works since the accident where the roller coaster collapse and killed twenty people, but still they can go…show more content…
The first place of this city is Acter Industrial Park, wich has a processing plant toxic waste, which causes contamination in the two cities, a few streets later this State Penitentiary, where curiously, most of the prisoners are from Liberty City, as if they were set during the tour, the police of LCPD also has headquarters here in Alderney, I think for many criminals are hiding in this country, the cops wanted not to lose their prey. Later you will see endless motorcycles, prostitutes an vagrants; in Tudor is the seat of all motorcycle gangs in the city, as The Lost MC, The Angels of Death and the Up´town Raiders, if they are competing in races, this having a good time in Hookers, where beautiful women will make you enjoy as if you watching TV on a soft couch while next to your neighbor’s house is on fire both hate, oh yes… And… oh, I have a message, I said goodbye… Well, here comes our trip, the driver left them at the hotel for staying, ah, if tomorrow we see on the news that a fat man named Colin appareared dead, you know who it was! Do not try to report me, and I’ll be in first class San Andreas straight, good
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