Little Gasparilla Island-Personal Narrative

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Why do we love the sea? It is because it has some potent power to make us think things we like to think. Robert Henri, Artist

Little Gasparilla Island, a barrier island on the southwest on Florida’s gulf coast, is a dynamic place to refresh and meditate. This place is about 3 miles of Old Florida. Nothing is fast on Little Gasparilla. Reaching this island by boat means no one else has easy access us. Refreshing begins with the pungent smell of the pine trees and surf. The rustle of the swaying palms soothing, While beginning to unravel from the tensions of work and school life, we start to feel like the waves in front of us, just ripples. To see fish jumping, and feel no compulsion to bait a hook, only when we want to. We play,
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Most rentals are private homes or condos, so check Airbnb or a local realtor. Starting at Tarpon Realty in Placida is a good idea, They are experts at knowing exactly where to put you and your group because they listen to your wants and needs. Specify the view you want, sunrise or sunset. In that same location, visit Publix Grocery. You will be making one stop to pick up your keys, additionally, the food, beverages, spices and ingredients necessary to satisfy your menu. While booking, ask about the ferry service that would be useful for the trek to your island sanctuary. The contents and the amenities of your rental are very important, there is truly no place to shop once on the island. Inquire if vital items such as beach chairs, beach towels, sand buckets and shovels are available. Many homes have kayaks/canoes available. Investigate anything large or bulky that you will not want to bring over on the ferry. Lastly, ask about the screening on the windows/porch. Pesky no-see-ums will bother and bite. The like to come inside at dusk and so do the…show more content…
Study the mangroves: the ecosystem contained in the roots is teeming with life. While looking closely, seahorses or starfish pop in and out of the roots.. The island has its own air force, brown pelicans on missions for fish. Sometimes white pelicans too are spotted while paddling in the grass flats. Turtles and flamingos are enchanting with their elegant movements. Bring binoculars to enjoy bald eagles, great white herons, blue herons, roseate spoonbills, white egret, osprey. Shorebirds are plentiful and varied. Enjoying water sports requires some kind of boat. Whidden’s Marina, on nearby Boca Grande is a good place to begin asking. Founded by Sam Whidden in 1926 the Whidden family has been running the marina ever since. Boat rental may work better for you than the ferry or water taxi, inquire before leaving home. While on Boca Grande, grab some lunch at the Loose Caboose, enjoy the train and save room for an ice cream cone. If you brought your dog, it’s a pet friendly place. There are places to shop on Boca Grande, mostly gift

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