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THE ISLAND OF LOPUD A heaven on earth for all tourists and all history and coulture lovers. There is a song about Lopud which starts with these verses: „My friend you should know, if you 're looking for heaven, come here with us and enjoy because Lopud is that what you 've been looking for“. These are for sure the words which promisse a lot, at least for those people who like to count on small things like peace, stillness, intouched nature and rich history to make their time and life fulfilled. To experience all the magic that Lopud can offer to you, like any other place in the world, it 's necessary to visit it. If you want to see this island shining the fullness of it 's beauty, it 's the best to visit it during the Summer season keeping in mind that also every single season has some special things to show. One of the first destinations which is usually chosen to be visited on this island is The beach of Šunj. Audacious people prefer walking till the beach and people who are not in a good fettle take a taxi golf car to transfer them to their destination. There are many…show more content…
Myths and legends are also inafallible part of the island 's history. The beach of Šunj which is located very close to the main local church 'Gospa od Šunja ' (the church was named after the beach) is related with a legend very familiar to locals. It is about a man, a noble from Milan who while he was coming back from crusades was trapped in a huge storm on the sea, so in his worst moments he made a promisse to Mary, mother of Christ that he will build a church in her honor if he succed to save his life. As it happened, he built the church Gospa of Šunj and the evidence which can confirm the truthness of this legend is the coat of arms which has a snake on it and was found in that church. Later it has become the official coat of arms of the island. As Italian word for snake is biscia, it is supposed that Croatian version is bišun which evolved in today 's form Šunj, so the cove was named

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