Descriptive Essay About Losers

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The Loser, Over the years, several words have lost their meaning, literally, terrific, honestly among the lot of them. But the ne I find most fascinating is the word “loser”. People who were taunted with the hideous words a few years before do not seem like losers anymore. On the contrary, they are our power houses. The ones who were called losers are the reasons why our transportation, commerce, communication, technology, even government are as phenomenal as we know it. The men and women who were then called losers are now known as talismanic, heroes. It is almost as if the word that was meant to be derogatory holds a magic spell for whomever that bears it. Just a few days ago, I too saw the word loser for all it was, until I was called one. As a histrionic person, I holed myself in my room for the rest of the day borderline mourning. Likewise, I went as far as patronizing music from the era of self hate, the 90s. At that point I was grateful that I had taken the mirror out of my room because I did not want to see how pathetic I looked at that moment, deploring over a mere word. I cannot be a loser, I thought to myself while pacing about the room and listening to Creep by Radiohead, they told me I was special, special people cannot be losers as well. In the midst of my self-deprecation and over-ideating, I was not aware that the probable greatest inspiration of my life was just a song away. In the midst of my self-deprecation and over-ideating, in the time of

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