Descriptive Essay About Love

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Love: An endless supply of happiness and dopamine
I’ll never forget the time I met my girlfriend. I was at my best friend’s birthday party, when a tall beautiful girl with wavy brown hair and the clearest complexion, her face full of happiness and joy. The moment I saw her, was the moment I knew that I had powerful feelings for her. It was amazing actually…feelings began to swell in brain, lust, compassion, affection, adoration, racing through my mind. That would be the day that I would began to fall for Alex. However, I was unaware that I had met this girl before, I didn’t recognize her, but she recognized me. “I know you” she said. “What?” is all I could respond with. “I recognize you from Mrs. Litle’s class, you were making fun of me for being an eighth grader while you were a freshman” she said back. “I’m sorry, I don’t recall—” I began to say. Suddenly, it all began rushing back, the rain outside the window, the noise in the background, the girl I had seen a year and a half ago—it all rushed back to me. “Oh my god… it’s you” I stammered. I know you too. “Yeah, that’s me…” she responded. I replied with an apology: “I’m really sorry I don’t what came over me, I’m very happy to see you again, if I’m being quite honest”. She forgave me. We began talking, and I began falling for her.
Love and happy relationships affect the heart in many ways, usually positive. Finding a person that you would like to enter into a relationship with is proven to make people happier, and almost
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