Personal Narrative: Madonna

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Stretching out beyond the horizon, an empty expanse of white is all that stands out in its mocking glory. As hard as I try to conjure to anything akin to mental functionality, the same result is all I deal with. I got nothing. Alas, one can only push against the barriers of his mind for so long in the hopes of expanding the reaches of human cognition.
Although white is normally associated to hope and purity, would it remain so if one were to be forced to face the glare of so much hope and expectations? No matter how pure an intention is, it can inevitably be tainted. The more transparent anything can be, the easier it is fog up and smudge. Saying such, a bloodstained delusion can very well be an acceptable form of an impossible dream.
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“No, you’re ridiculous,” she whined childishly.
Not so soon after, we started bickering again about who’s better than whom and who thinks what. With the tiresome tedium my daily life has turned into, the eternity of the moments I spend with my beloved Madonna are those which I would like to relive. Sure, the inquiries that follow after I laugh or crack the slightest smile at the recollection of such fleeting memories can be quite irritating at times.
Considering the fact that the moments I treasure can only pass as trivial instances, it won’t be so surprising if I get branded as an idiot. Even with full awareness of such irrational behaviour, I have not necessarily tried to make reforms since doing such would definitely lead to having to withdraw completely. I may know how much I can lose in a battle, but how far my hubris can take me is an entirely different
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I have never really been good with names. Most times, I just assign specific variables or tags for anyone and almost everyone I meet, reasoning that it’s much easier to organize liabilities or assets that way. When she turned to face me and greet me once upon a time, I immediately fell captive to her subtle allure. As time went on, I fell deeper and deeper into the chasm of lies she hides so discreetly behind her charming smile and gentle (yet compelling)
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