Descriptive Essay About Makeup

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I 've never talked about what 's in my makeup bag or what products I use daily with anyone before, but I have to admit... playing with makeup and glamming up has always been one of my guilty pleasures since I was a teenager. It has taken me multiple years to really find my way in terms of the makeup that works for me, what I can afford, and what I can 't justify. Also, I have learned how important quality is when it comes to all these products as we women put on our face everyday. For most of my life, I bought makeup at grocery stores, anything that looked cute and was on sale, or whatever fit my budget was a good buy for me. However, I 'm coming to realize that investing in expensive products are a pain, but it 's worth it! Let 's start with moisturizer, primer, concealer, and foundation. For moisturizer I use the Aveeno positively radiant daily moisturizer with spf. This product leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smooth. After 30 minutes or so, I use the velvet primer by thefaceshop, the texture is light and velvety, leaving my skin feeling soft, supple and moisturized. Next, I use the smashbox green foundation primer for blemishes around my nose and cheeks. This primer really helps take the edge off all types of redness, before I put on my foundation. As for concealer, I use the MAC Cosmetics in NC30 and this product is super creamy and full coverage. Lastly, for foundation I use the Estee Lauder Double Wear in Honey Bronze 4W1. This foundation is literally absolutely

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