Descriptive Essay About Mesmerizing Lawn

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Mesmerizing Lawn:
Gazing down the balcony, the magnificent beauty of my lawn left me out of breath. The scenario was no less than a page taken out from a fairytale. The setting sun made the sky filled with mesmerizing colors. Clouds across the sky were as fluffy as cotton candy and seemed to be drenched in the colors of the sky. They spoke of the marvels of nature. One feels captivated by the sun rays filtering through these clouds, creating a pattern on the freshly cut grass. Flowers fill the place with a sweet fragrance which uplifts the whole aura of the lawn. The fresh breeze and the chirping of the melodious birds made the tall trees and flower dance to the rhythm of the music of nature. The neatly laid stone pathway leading to the fish pond present in the corner of the glorious garden added more life to the place. Colorful Pebbles and fishes in the pond seemed like shining jewels. Various lawn gnomes seemed like performing a cheerful play for an invisible audience. The beauty and peacefulness of the lawn give a taste of what might paradise would be like. Rich character of the lawn makes it more interesting.
Terrifying Lawn:
Gazing down the balcony, the horrific view of my lawn left me bewildered. The scenario depicted a scene from a frightening story. The disappearing sun made the sky as dark and gloomy. Heavy and lightning clouds were blocking any light from reaching to the lawn. The scene spoke of the horrors and turmoil of nature. One feels afraid by the lack
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