Descriptive Essay About Mexico

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Mexico - May - 2013

Day one.

It’s hot and humid and there are free drinks everywhere I turn. Our first day in Playa del Carmen (a coastal resort town in Mexico) is off to a wonderful beginning as I lay on the beach at 11AM with a Pina Colada in my hands. I say “hands” because this drink requires two hands in order to hold the giant margarita fishbowl filled to the rim with this sweet, delicious, boozy beverage. Spending the afternoon getting tipsy on the beach and playing in the warm salty waves of the Caribbean Sea, my family and I are soaking up as much of this vacation as possible. The next 8 days I will be spend sunbathing on the stunning white beaches of Cancun (always with a drink within arms reach as this is an all inclusive resort), and swimming in the warmest body of water I have ever dipped my toes in. I cannot wait to take advantage of everything this all inclusive resort has to offer.

Day two.

Waking up smelling the salty air and hearing the soft crashing waves just outside my hotel room, I can’t help but feel total relaxation. After a short walk from my room to the dining hall, I meet my family at the All You Can Eat Breakfast buffet and discover my new favourite breakfast item for the week (a cheese, salsa, and
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Taking in the beautiful scenery, we come across countless geckos scurrying up trees, as well as other exotic animals I have never seen before. Upon exiting the lush green path, we walk by the large and inviting outdoor pool, and I make a mental note that there is a swim up bar waiting for me to visit. Approaching the beach, there are towels littering the coast as we search for the best stretch of sand to settle on for the day. Watching all the people playing in the water has me itching to splash in there myself, despite the fact that the waves appear rougher today than they were
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