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Kayley Hau 10X1 No matter which side of the street you are on, there are always creatures trying to grab you and force an unplanned fate upon you. Mong Kok is a huge black hole, sucking you into it, and demanding your attention. Mong Kok is characterized by a mixture of old and new multi-story buildings, with shops and restaurants at street level and commercial or residential units above. There are many people: some large, some small, some older, some younger, some meaner, some nicer, some more fair... and some others. In the district of Mong Kok, there are as many varieties of shops, as there are ice cream flavours to a kid. When I left the gloom of the MTR, the first thing I notice is the traffic around the area. All the noises, from cars, to people on the street communicating in such a way I never understood, like the language aliens use. There were so many people trying to grab my attention and give me their offerings, it made me feel like the centre of attention. One…show more content…
I have learnt so many different things in the district of Mong Kok, from the different ways it is coloured, why some stores seem to reflect off a feeling of happiness with the bright yellow roof flapping in the winds to the different customs and traditions of this ancient culture, but possibly the most important thing I have learnt from the this bustling market is how people in the district treat each other. People of Mong Kok are friendly and welcoming, with their faces like a rainbow, making me look towards their direction no matter where I am. As I walk down the aisle of no return, I knew that the people of Mong Kok were as friendly as they could be; helping their neighbours out, working their strengths and if others had weaknesses in the area, and trying to get the best out of their merchandise, for a reasonable price. The people of Mong Kok were friendly, but only till a certain

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