Descriptive Essay About My Birthday

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Ever since I was a little girl my mum and dad brought me up for me to know I was adopted. Even though they always said they didn't mind if I wanted to find my birth mum when I was older I said to them nothing would change, they were still my parents and I couldn't ask for a better set. Today I'm 18 years old, I'm so exited me and my friends are all gong out later but first i've got to do the traditional breakfast with cards and presents before Katie comes round and we get ready to go out. "Happy birthday Effy! We're ready when you are!" Mum shouted with excitement As I went down stairs there was a table with three medium sized presents a small box and a few cards. "Hi mum hi dad" "Happy birthday my love, go on then open this one first" dad…show more content…
But there's something else we want to give you" As they stepped aside there was another card on the arm of the sofa I anxiously moved towards the mysterious cream envelope as I picked it I realised I didn't recognise this handwriting or where the stamp had come…show more content…
I know you might hate me or not want to hear from me but I just wanted to tell you my side of the story. I was only seventeen years old had just finished my A'levels, I had a boyfriend a year older than me who didn't go to school my mum and dad didn't approve of, so when I found out I was pregnant my parents disowned me. I had the option of having an abortion it wasn't too late, I even made an appointment but I couldn't do it, to take away a beautiful life was a horrible thought but I knew I couldn't give you the life you would of deserved so I found an amazing couple who loved each other more than life it's self who wanted a baby but couldn't. It was fate I had made my decision I would have the baby and you mum and dad now would bring her up. Eighteen years ago today was the hardest day of my life, I had carried you around for nine months and had grown to love you and had to give you away for you to have the life you deserved, so when I handed you over to Lisa's and Ian's arms we made a deal, for you to be called esmarlalda and for you to get this letter on your 18th birthday. Happy birthday my princess I love

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