Essay About My Childhood

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It looks like a movie, it sounds like a song. My childhood has gone so fast. Childhood gives me the most initial cognition and the aesthetic feeling of the world. I enjoy the surprise remain under cover of my life. I enjoy the natural gift blossomed in my childhood. Before all the stories start,I just wanna send my everlasting feeling of gratefulness and thankfulness. I enjoy the primitive art works created by the nature that tug at my heartstrings. More than a immature instinct for art. I attribute my gifted talent and the ability of feeling the nature I was imbued with by my m jdad. At the age of seven, on a sunny afternoon, there was entire purple outside the window, it was the jacarandas start blooming. I lying prone to the bay window and lookout the elegant lavender flowers clouds outside with great relish for a whole afternoon. It was a afternoon that I ain 't finished my summer vacation homework. While my dad came and smiled at me without saying anything but spread out…show more content…
I 've used the lacquer pains to design the canvas bags and it sells well unexpectedly, I used those money donate for poor people who live in remote areas. My cognition of art has developed as well,"The nature itself is an artist"—my favorite words told by my dad engraved on my mind. I feel the nature, cherish its beauty by depicting it. He took me under the bridge, where the creepers crawl along the concrete bottom, it was the first time I realized that these branches wreathed with vines actually constitute a winding but vigorous Chinese ink and wash painting. He said the beauty of nature is the most marvelous thing but not permanent just like the jacarandas I haven 't seen for a long time , but it still left on my
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