Descriptive Essay About My City

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Johannesburg. A city which holds hearts of the citizens. Saturated with skyscrapers depicting future for the people. Stories and poems which are formulated with both aspects emphasizing satisfaction and unpleasant scenery of my city. Stories and poems which can vary to my experiences.”Welcome to Hillbrow” by Phaswane Mpe, “I remember King Kong” by Antjie Krog and a poem “In Detention” written by Christopher Van Wyk are the manuscription that I am concentrating on. Growing up in Lenasia, which is the outskirt of the city, which set forth the experience of my city. Being underprivileged when inexperienced, travelling the city with my parents searching for employment. I had dreams desires to fulfill, glancing the tall skyscrapers, the glimpse of comfortable living and dreams worth a million when underprivileged. Growing up and watching the city grow in terms development and other fundamental terms has…show more content…
Hillbrow is also known as the city where the highest amount of criminal activities occurs. I can’t carry a lot of positives from what the story tells me about Hillbrow and what Phaswane Mpe experienced. A young man that just finished school and was forced to stay at his cousin’s place for the time being of his studies. Therefore he brings a lot of negative impressions regarding Hillbrow and the city of Johannesburg. The negative impressions made by such extreme incidents that disturbed him as facts like murders, typical robberies, incidents of drug, rape as well as prostitutes found in every corner of the street which is constantly mentioned. The people in Hillbrow mention themselves as being violent and careless of nature, this brings a halt on what you can expect from a place like Hillbrow and the city f Johannesburg whereas AIDS is also mentioned as one of the fundamental scenarios that are related to the story that specifically that AIDS comes from
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