Personal Narrative: An Interview With My Dog

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I had just got a new puppy (Black Lab/ Great Dane mix), he loved to play in the front yard. Every day I would take him outside in the front yard on a leash to play. In fact, he loved sitting on the edge of the lawn watching people on their daily walks. He would sit there and observe, waging his tail in delight. In particular, every day I watched this woman walk around my neighborhood carrying this gigantic, sharp object (she was not hard to miss). She would walk on the opposite side of the street considering that is where her house is located. One day, she switched up her routine that she had been following for months and decided to walk on my side of the street. I found it odd because she is undoubtedly strict and sticks true to her routines, it is not like her to switch it up. On the day she decided to switch…show more content…
She stopped dead in her tracks on the sidewalk and stared at me then focused on my dog, giving this baffled and puzzled look. I knew she did not speak precise English, so I inferred she just does not know how to ask. I politely said hello and she started blow up on me in her native language. I could tell she was furious by the tone in her voice; it was not pleasant. Before I could say anything else she whacked my dog with her sharp stick and I heard a yelp come from my dog; my heart sank. My jaw dropped in shock and I thought to myself ‘did she really just whack my dog.’ In all honesty, I felt every emotion over coming me and I finally let it all out. I told her to get away from my dog and I. I told her to never come near us again. Correspondingly she took off down the sidewalk without looking back. I sat on the edge of my lawn with my dog for quite a while, just holding him and letting the tears hit the ground. Not only did she hurt my dog but she also hurt me emotionally. On the negative side, I never found out why she whacked my dog, maybe it brought up a bad memory of her experience with a dog, but I will never
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