Descriptive Essay About My Dream Boy

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It was because of this night I knew I wanted to spend more than just months with him. We have only been dating for a month, however, it feels like a year. He is my dream boy I have waited for a long time. He brings me up when others would push me down. He listens to what I have to say instead of ignoring me and making me feel unimportant. He makes me smile like nobody has before. And it was this night, being such an expected trail of events that it made me realize his perfection. It started off with me moping around all day because I found out I was not supposed to see my boyfriend for another entire week. He worked a lot and the timing was just not there. Until, one day I got a knock at my door and to my surprise, he was standing at my steps. He came over dressed in the superman shirt I bought him that was purposely too tight on his arms. It was dark blue with the red and yellow “S” symbol across his broad chest. He hated it, for it was too small, but of course I wanted to admire the muscles. His nickname from me is actually Clark Kent because of the fact his jawline looks carved by the gods and he has the exact black, clubmaster glasses. After my superman walked through my door, I embraced him by wrapping my arms around his neck and squeezing the life out of him through a hug. He retaliated the same way and then kissed me on the forehead. To ruin the perfect moment, my stomach let out this horrifying loud rumble, implying hunger. Therefore, we decided to eat the most
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