Descriptive Essay About My Family

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Everyone must have something that represents or meaningful to them in their little warm house or room with happiness. As I open the aged door of my mysterious room, I realize my room is just part of my brain. Which helps me store memories. The room built with the happy memories I had in the past. The room has accompanied with me pretty long time, everything in the room just like a memory to me. But as I look up at my wall, I see a bunch of picture that stick on a conspicuous place on the wall and almost make me cry everytime I look at it. The memorable pictures took before I move to the United States in the age of 10. That commemorate friendship between my “brothers” and I. In China, I had 4 best childhood friends that grew up with me. People around my hometown always said we look like brother because we often stick with each other. We live very close to each other just next to each other. The elementary School as far as the Great Wall from our hometown.. So, as we reached the age of going to school, we walked to the school every morning and walked back home every afternoon. On the interesting and fun way to school just like exploration. There was a small lake along the way to school. In the morning the water in the lake just like a mirror which could reflect you on the water. We saw many animals in the morning searching for food just like our parents go out and work hard. We usually talk interesting, fun scary, and recent things around the town and school as we walking
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