My Perfect Husband

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No one is perfect; however, I believe that the lord makes everyone for how they are. Everyone goes through similar paths but never the same. I, Miriam Lizeth Bedolla Torres, feel deeply sorry towards my family for putting them through a heartbreak of leaving home at 18 years old; furthermore, I am currently living with my amazing husband that always motivates, supports, encourage, and always feels proud of me. My husband and I have been praying for good financial news because lately we have been feeling suffocated due to life 's struggles.
I was raised and influenced by and amazing family that truly loves me. Family is a huge thing to me because they are forever. Family has the I.L.Y in it which in today 's society is an abbreviation of I
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The decision that I made was move in with my husband at 18 years old that no one agreed with. I would love to apologize. my family for putting through those negative emotions, specifically my mother. My father understands that as a young lady my mind can not be changed because love will make you do crazy things as long as I am taking care of myself. I have always been the reserved towards man and always was the independent female cousin that needed no boyfriend because I was to young for all that. That was why my family found it shocking because I would never have boyfriends and they thought I was lesbian for a while due to always hanging with guys. My brother does not really mind because he believes that life can work out or it can but make sure to make it a lesson learned. My sister says to follow my heart and have no regrets. My mother, on the other hand, was sad because I would always help her keep the house straight, cook for her, and just always had me there.They did get to meet my husband before he became my boyfriend because it was important to me that they were informed i was in a relationship only. Currently I do visit my family to check on them alto and to bring plates of food that I cook. I specially go over to make sure that my sister that is anemic and my mom that has tiroides are taking their medicines. They do love my husband and accept him for who he is; however, they just want the best for me,…show more content…
It would be nice to get some kind of money to pay the bills, get the new apartment or house quicker, organic food, health care, and all the little and big stuff we need in our home. We don 't ask for much because there are people that have things that we don 't have. We are blessed to have some kind of money and a nice cozy warm roof over our heads; however, it will also be nice to not live by the bills. The lord will know what we need, when we need it, and what we don 't need. My husband and I pray to the lord to bless us with the good new of wealth before we have kids to be able to provide for them without
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