Narrative Essay On Horse Ranch

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Essay A When I was about 8 years my uncle had a small ranch that had a lot of stables filled with farm animals. I always liked going with my dad when he would go which was like every day. My mom never liked going so she would stay home. I would go with my dad and my little brothers. When we went, you would enter the ranch and there’s what seems to be a track circle around in the front for people when they came and also so they could leave. They just had you go in a circle to exit the ranch. But if you keep driving when you enter, you’ll go to the back where the stables and everythings is. My dad used to always put me on a horse with him when I was more younger and ever since I always loved getting on them and I also got on a ponies that they had there but of course he would walk me because I didn’t really know how to be by myself on one to walk and control it. From time to time. I would get on a pony and try to learn how to walk it with my dad being on my side guiding me all the…show more content…
I started re learning to ride a horse again and this time it was just going to be a horse that I rode, not a pony because ponies are more hard headed. And by this time I was fourteen already, so I was more confident about it again. So I convinced myself to stop living in fear on face it. I mean what could go wrong, right? Anyways so my dad would place me in a corral this time so the horse wouldn’t have anywhere to run to if it wanted to act up. So now I'm sixteen years old and i'm a whole lot better at riding then before. And to me riding horses is a lot calming and really clears my mind when I’m stressing over something so I tend to ride from time to time now. But I never would have ridden if it weren’t for overthinking it and scaring myself that it’ll happen again. Which it hasn’t right
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