Descriptive Essay About My Favorite Place

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Florida has always been my favorite place to visit. I love the Palm Trees and coconuts and all the other tropical plants. There are so many exciting things to do like going to Disney or nature walks through the different state parks. The weather is beautiful and not to cold and the people are very friendly. My family and I love being here. My in-laws also live here and are so excited they can see us whenever they want without having to fly or drive. Last year I had a long emotional discussion with my husband. I told him I wanted to move. We went back and forth about trying to decide what we were going to do. My in-laws had our house built for themselves, my husband was born and raised there. It made it hard to decide whether…show more content…
We laid down new carpets in each bathroom. I even power washed and repainted the exterior of the house. It was a lot of work, but we got it all done! We wanted to get the house value up for when we were ready to sell. On October 18th, 2017 our house went on the market. The realtor came in and took pictures of everything and sat down with us, so we could sign some papers. It was a bitter sweet moment. The sign went up and it made everything real. I thought to myself this is it, this move is going to happen. There was no turning back. The realtor called Thursday the 19th, two hours after our home was posted online, to let me know that he had scheduled two showings for the following. They would have come the same day, but we wanted to have at least a 48 hour notification so we could get everyone ready including the cat and dog to leave the house for a while. He called again Friday night to let me know that one of the couples that looked at the house earlier in the day would like to come back the following day while it was light out because they were unable to see the back yard. Saturday afternoon I got a call, the family put in an offer and it was what we had posted our house for. My husband an I called our realtor Sunday morning to accept their offer. I was at my sister’s baby shower when he called us back to give us the closing date. It was only 2 months
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