Descriptive Essay About My First Car

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My First Car The first I ever had was an old model of the brand Toyota. It was color blue and was second-hand so I got it at a cheaper price. For a second-hand car, it was in a really good condition. Although I had to do some repainting since it had some dents and scratches on it. I remember my dad telling me that if I want to earn my first car, I need to work for it. I did some part-time works so that I can earn. My parents of course helped me with purchasing. They shouldered about half of price. My father told me that buying a car is one of the most fulfilling experience I will have in my young life because I can see where my money is going. Upon doing part-time works, I soon learned that earning money was not easy. Since I was also a student, I had…show more content…
I used it during family trips and when I was running errands for my family. For two years, I felt how much of value the car is because it managed to work smoothly. The gas consumption was also not bad for a second-hand car. When it finally showed signs that it will soon be not as functional as before, I felt sad but at the same time was okay with it because I know it was bound to happen. My dad told me that cars are meant to retire one day because they also have their lifespans. I hoped it did last longer, but I know I was asking for too much. I took care of the care even if I was not using it already. Now, I know how to save money for good purchases and investments. If ever that I wish to buy another car, I know the technique that I will use because I can look back to my experience. Outside of buying the actual car, I guess the biggest thing I can take away from that situation is to value money. My parents worked hard to be where they are today, so I need to give value for the sacrifices they are making for me. My parents will often remind me that nothing comes easy, if I want something I need to work hard for it and in the case of the car, save

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