Descriptive Essay About My First Concert

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The feeling of excitement and anxiousness filled my body before going to something that would soon become a lifelong hobby. Looking back on going to my first concert there was more fear than excitement never going to anything like it before. My first concert was a regular one it was a music festival that would last for most of the day. I remember waking up early that day getting ready for the drive to Salt Lake City. The drive seemed like it felt forever, but in actuality it only been an hour. After getting there the line felt dreadful filled with people selling their albums, and small bands promoting themselves. Trying to sell their cd’s and other merchandise. Getting close to the front there were multiple cameras which caught me by surprise; I later learned that this was the first festival of the tour. Later they were handing out a lot of free things from shirts to backpacks and free music. Finally, me and my friends got through the gate. To hundreds of…show more content…
Though we soon found out after that adrenaline ran out we were very tired. This made us tired but we still wanted to watch more. We did not want the festival to end.The rest of the festival we were too tired to go in the crowd, so we decided to sit back and watch from afar. Just listening to the bands which was also a great experience. We stayed till around eight, and then we left being excited for the next year. Going to this music festival started a great hobby of going to concerts with friends, and is somthing I still continue to do today. Even though I was only thirteen when I went to this festival; I still remember it to this day. So all together, it was a great experience all of the music the people how everyone got excited when the bands were about to play how they kept that energy through the concert is something I will not
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